I have a Blog

Congratulations, finally I have a Blog

And how did it happened ?
its all started from the Jerusalem Festival of Light 2010 I attended, this June.

Today I launch my new website, where I'll present my art and decoration works, and ... tell my Artistic Say in this Blog.

Those of you who visited the Jerusalem light festival this year, and reached the Open Cardo, saw the Best Israeli Light-Lamps and fixtures designers presenting a diversity of light-lamps and magnificent light instalations, all in the fantastic location - Jerusalem Old City.

For those that missed this spectecualr experince, here is a link to the
Creating Light in the Cardo- a light fixtures design fair - The Open Cardo

We started to preper our show at the Festival, few months ago, and go to the last day, with great expectations.
So, we left the kifs with Grandma & Grandpa at noon, loaded the van, and arrived to the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.
The instalations-work took us a lot more then we expected, guess it is the location, that raise so much aesthethis questions we had to solve on the spot.

The guys around us were great ! everyone helped, shared, and gave a good-word, this was "the begining of a new friendship"

As the night went on, more and more beutifull light exhibitions were surronding us, and we felt onnored to be part of this exceptional group of artist who makes this festival the great success it is.

The 7 days Festival was a great success this year too, hundreads of thousends of people passed by our stand, and many of them stopped by, checked it, Loved it, and ... even bought a lot of Lamps!

Many people asked me "What is your website?" and "How can I order a Ceramic Lamp?"

So, now I can finally answer - Here I am.

In this website you will find the beutifull Lamps that were left from the Frestiva, Ceramic arts from my previous exhebitions, and more beutifull stuff I plan to decorate.